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We are excited to share that our trusted partners at FlightHub are expanding their partnership with us and donating an additional $25 000 to our flight sponsorship program, bringing their total commitment to $125 000. In addition to the flight commitment, FlightHub will also be directing customer donations to the Ukrainian cause to 4Ukraine.ca and matching the amount raised with a corporate donation. 

find WORK

Our mission is to help 5,000+ displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada

raised : 264 700$
People flown : 322
Resumes created : 506

What is  Needed 

Thousands of Ukrainians need our help.
Ukrainians continue to flee their homeland, displaced by Putin’s inhumane war, in search of a safe country to live, work, and stabilize their families.  Here is a testimonial: 


Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 6.38.26 PM.png

meet Anelina & her daughter Maria

“We lived in Kiev. At 4am on February 24th, the first bombing started. At first, we thought it was thunderstorms, until we realized we were getting bombed. On March 4th, we got on an evacuation train.  After 10 long hours standing up in an over-filled train, we walked for 10 hours until we crossed the Polish border by foot. 

My 25-year-old son stayed behind, he is a cook and is cooking for the army. My husband also stayed. We finally got a hold of my father who is in Melitopol, which is currently under Russian occupation. 

We are so so grateful to be here in Canada.”

Ukrainians are  highly motivated  To work and contribute to the Canadian economy

There are almost 1 million unfilled jobs across Canada, which hurts Canadian businesses that are desperate for help. Ukrainians are well-suited to fill these jobs.


want to work 40 hours or more per week

have a Bachelor's, Master's, or PHD degree

hope to stay in Canada forever

Join the conversation

We are engaging daily with hundreds of Ukrainians coming to Canada. We identified their biggest needs by operating a large Ukraine-Canada online community of 115K people (growing by 1K individuals daily).

Thank you to our  partners 


help the next family