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About Us is a federally registered charity on a mission to help  displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada, and find work. We operate through CANADA - Host Ukrainians, a large online community of 200,000+ people, and we help with airfare costs, career readiness and enhanced background checks for hosts to increase their safety.

Our Story

In March 2022, Anna Chif, co-founder of Dialogue, reached out to Karyna Alyeksyeyeva, leader of the Facebook community Canada - Host Ukrainians. Anna had just left Dialogue to take time for herself and her family. But with the war happening, she wanted to know how she could help. The two connected on their mutual passion and drive to help the Ukrainian community. Weeks later, they founded a not-for-profit organization to address the current relocation crisis faced by Ukrainians coming to Canada. was born. 


With a team of over 70 volunteers, we work day and night to help Ukrainians settle in Canada.

Our online community has been praised in 20+ media appearances 

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