We provide airfare sponsorship to individuals and their families that meet several acceptance criteria and who, after a video interview, demonstrate a serious approach in their relocation process and job search in Canada. We provide full or partial sponsorship, based on your situation. 

We also provide free criminal background checks for your host family to increase your safety.


Selection criteria :

  • Having a glued CUAET Visa (some exceptions may apply for outstanding candidates but priority given to glued (physical, non-electronic) visas)

  • A fully completed Airfare form (see form below)

  • Having found a host that offers lodging and food for at least 90 days, who accepts to undergo a national criminal background check and an interview by us, and who has a clear background check OR having found (temporary) housing where you can stay for at least 180 days. To find hosts, please see resources at

  • Having made the effort to create a Resume in English for at least one of the adults traveling. 

  • Having been relocated from Ukraine and having been in Ukraine at the start of the war

  • Having the ability to fly from Paris airports is currently a significant bonus


Canada location Criteria:

  • We sponsor Ukrainians going anywhere in Canada, other than Toronto and Vancouver. In these two cities, the cost of living is very high and housing is very difficult to find

  • The only people we would accept to sponsor who are going to Toronto and Vancouver and people with fluent English, and with high-paying skills that are fully and immediately transferable to work in Canada 


***PETS: Please note that we cannot guarantee help with pets, as different airlines have different rules. Please expect to pay for your pet(s) yourself, if you get our airfare sponsorship for you and your family. 


***EXTRA LUGGAGE: Please note that we will do our best to help with extra luggage (i.e., more than accepted by airline), but we cannot guarantee the help. As with pets, please expect to pay for extra luggage if you get our airfare sponsorship for you and your family. 


Please note the following timelines:

  • Once you complete the form, we usually reply within 3 days to let you know if you have been shortlisted for an interview. If you have, we send you times to choose from for your interview, and a Google Meets link to use for your interview

  • If you get approved for a flight, you can expect to fly to Canada within 7 to 10 days. We sponsor tickets for up to 2 weeks in advance. If you need tickets later, please apply later.

To apply, please fill out the form below.
It requires gathering some information, therefore make sure to read it completely before filling out.

If you're not sure whether you meet the criteria for our help or if you have general questions,  please reach us at

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