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  • What exactly is the operating model?
    We raise private and corporate monetary contributions, which help pay for airfare for the most employable Ukrainians and their families. When a Ukrainian is placed into a job of one of our partner employers, the employer makes a contribution which is reinvested to pay for airfare. Every dollar invested is then multiplied.
  • How do you prioritize Ukrainians who benefit from your help?
    We look for people who have made the effort to put together an English resume and who are showing willingness to work by applying to jobs (on our group or elsewhere).
  • Why do you prioritize people as opposed to offering airfare on a first-come first-served basis? Doesn’t everyone need help equally?
    While very many Ukrainians need help, at, we prioritize people who truly want to come and work in Canada. There is an important labour shortage, and we aim to close that gap through the help we offer. It is our way of creating a self-sustaining model. There are other Canadian initiatives that offer help on a first-come first-served basis.
  • How is this initiative different from other government job initiatives?
    The initiative is complementary to other initiatives, such as JobBank. We work with employers who are serious about employing Ukrainians and who are able to get back to them quickly. Employers working directly with us benefit from visibility to over a thousand individuals subscribed with us and looking for work, as well as through our online community of more than 70k members.
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