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Career mentorship

We are happy to launch a brand initiative of professional mentorship for Ukrainians!

As we help bringing more displaced Ukrainians to Canada, we see the need for guidance as they transition to their new professional life here.

We would match interested Ukrainians individually with mentors for weekly or bi-weekly video meetings where Ukrainians can learn more about the Canadian working landscape of their interest and receive guidance in job seeking, networking, and professional integration in Canada.

Currently we have mentors from the following industries :

  • IT (IT technicians, database admin, network admin, support specialist, etc.), Software Engineering (Front End, Back End, Full Stack, QA, DevOps, Security, etc.)

  • General Tech (Data Science, Product, Web Dev, etc.)

  • Media (Publishing, video editing, television production), Real estate and rental and leasing, Finance and Accounting, Advertising and Marketing, HR)

  • Finance and Accounting, Management, non-profit

  • General business strategy

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Agriculture, forestry, farming, Health science, Environmental Toxicology

  • Human Resource - Recruitment

  • Career Transition, Career & Executive Coaching, Facilitating and HR Consulting

  • Office Administration

  • Law/Legal

  • Cultural and creative industries (cinema, publishing, video games, music, interactive art) (in Québec)

  • Architecture, Interiors, Design

  • Healthcare

  • Pharmacy (Pharmacist)

  • Biotech, Biomedical Engineering, science

  • Medical writing (pharmaceutical advertising, continuing health education, and more)

  • Agriculture, forestry, farming

  • Manufacturing (All types, including food, textile, wood products, furniture, etc.), CAD Drafting/3D Modelling

  • Food Service (Fast food, restaurants, catering, etc.)

  • Supply Chain

If you want to connect with a mentor or become one, please write us at

Join us!

For questions and tips about living in Canada, join Canada's largest Facebook group for Ukrainians:

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