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We work with Canadian employers and recruiters who are serious about hiring Ukrainians and providing jobs. We help Ukrainians find work in Canada. Please take note that you need to have already obtained the CUEAT visa to enter the program.

To apply, please fill out the short form below for access our jobs initiative. 

Important tips : 

1)  Use the same email address as your real name, to look professional and consistent.  Ex: 


2) Don't use Cyrillic letters in your email name.  It complicates email communications with Canadian employers or recruiters or any general serious interaction through email in Canada. 

3) Make sure your resume meets Canadian standards. For example, your Canadian resume shouldn't include your photo - employers may reject your candidacy to avoid discrimination.  To learn more and build a good resume, please check our resume clinic resources at There are guides in English and Ukrainian, after that you can send your resume for verification at email.


4) Title of your resume document should be :  name in English + '' resume ''. Example: "Anna Melnyk - Resume"


5) Your resume should be in a standard pdf format 

6) Make sure there are no gaps in your experience section. This is a common request we get from recruiters. If at some point you were unemployed, stayed at home, studied or other situation, please make sure you mention it.

Join us!

For questions and tips about living in Canada, join Canada's largest Facebook group for Ukrainians:

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