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Do you want to...

Make a difference and help displaced Ukrainians?

work with a team of passionate and driven volunteers? 

We want to hear from you.

What are we looking for?


  • You are persuasive, easily connect with people, and know how to sell your ideas? We need you to connect with employers and find job opportunities for Ukrainians arriving in Canada. 

  • You love social media and know how to increase following. We need your help to spread the word. 

  • You love helping others tell their stories and you make magic when your pen hits paper (or your hands hits keyboard). Help Ukrainians settling here tell their stories.​

  • Do you have an eye for design and do you know your way around graphic design? Make us our most presentable self.

  • Do you love the world of digital marketing and understand how SEO works? Help us increase our reach. 

  • Do you like to work with people and do you want to have a direct impact? Welcome and guide Ukrainians transition to their life here. 

  • We are seeking experts from all industries to contribute to mentoring Ukrainians through sharing your expertise in your field along with your perspectives on how to find a job and integrate. Mentors will help with job search, entrepreneurship ideas, and networking. If you can make some time and have a desire to help, please write at

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