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Who are Resumes for Ukraine? 

Resumes for Ukraine is an initiative by, a non-profit organization with a mission of helping displaced Ukrainians arrive and settle in Canada. The team of volunteers working in our resume clinic consists of professionals who have come together with the hopes of assisting Ukrainians in finding meaningful employment. We’re currently 40+ volunteers strong and growing every day!


What is our goal? 

Our resume clinic aims to help Ukrainians build resumes according to Canadian (or broadly North American) standards. We also provide career guidance to the best of our ability.  


Who can join the movement?

Anybody who knows how to write a resume can join us! Simply send an email to the message on LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever else you see fit. You can also take a more active role as well - we’re always looking for assistance in volunteer coordination.


What is our process?

  1. You receive a resume from a Ukrainian. 

    • We email you a request to review a resume and will wait for you to confirm your availability. It’s essential to confirm that before taking on a case.

    • We try to match you with a candidate based on your industry of expertise. However, sometimes this isn’t always possible. Please consider working with whom you are matched to the best of your ability. 

    • Ukrainians must provide their resumes in an editable format. If your assigned candidate sends a PDF or other file type, feel free to email the candidate and ask to resubmit their resume in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

    • Feel free to ask them questions about their career goals and experience to gain some context - use this to guide your discussion.

  2. Review the resume and provide feedback to the Ukrainian

    • If you need to, consult our Resume Guide and Professional and Entry Level templates. The candidates have been using these to create their resumes. Feel free to use other resources, especially if you have industry knowledge specific to the candidate.

    • Turnaround time for resume review: We aim for 3-4 days maximum. Many Ukrainians are desperately searching for jobs to guarantee their families’ safety, so it’s essential we don’t leave them hanging and provide a reasonable turnaround. If you need more time, please let them know and cc us.

    • Critique the resume based on your professional knowledge. 

    • Make edits to the spelling/grammar if they need assistance.

    • Provide feedback using the MS Word or Google Doc Comment feature

    • Please use Track Changes so they can see where you made edits

    • If a resume does not follow the template, you can ask the Ukrainian to refer back to it and send you a revised version

  3. Email the resume back to the Ukrainian with us in CC

Interested to help? Please reach out!

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